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Time to Think Differently

When you choose Burnwell, you’re not only getting premium Northwest cannabis but also raising your voice for the company using the greenest, most sustainable growing practices in the industry.

What to Expect

Burnwell offers a variety of strains offering a wide range of experiences, from the heady get-up-and-go of our exhilarating Sativas to the warm buzz and couchlock of our relaxing Indicas, plus all shades of each via our hybrid categories. Explore the impressive results of the cannabis industry’s most sustainable growing methods below and sample each to find your favorite.


Bid farewell to compromise and say hello to top-shelf, premium Northwest cannabis grown to its full natural potential with limited impact on our planet.


Unlike most pre-rolls, ours are 100% of the same Burnwell flower you’ll find in our jars, ground, wrapped, and ready to light for your ease and convenience.