Cannabis Without Compromise

How We See It

Sun. Soil. Soul.

These are elements of every Burnwell product, each a different
facet of the code that makes us the most responsible company in
today’s cannabis industry. Choose Burnwell and a better way.

When we started, we said ‘We’re going to do things a different way.’”



Only the pure, natural rays of the Sun can bring out the very best cannabis has to offer.

A Powerful Problem

Did you know about 4% of Washington State’s electricity is already used by cannabis growers? And the industry has just gotten started. That’s much too large a footprint for any industry and especially for one we’ve been hoping would arrive for decades.

Lighten the Load

Our innovative facilities are built from the ground up using specially engineered technology that lets Burnwell harness natural sunlight to offset lamps, using a fraction of the electricity while growing higher quality cannabis than traditional greenhouse growing methods.

Reaching Full Potential

Exposing our plants to full spectrum sunlight has the added benefit of allowing full cannabinoid development, a key aspect to cannabis flavor that not even the most advanced grow lamps can reproduce.


The foundation beneath our feet, Soil is the new methods that anchor our sustainable philosophies.

Best of Both

Our state-of-the-art facilities combine the complete environmental control of indoor growing with the sustainability and scientific benefit of outdoor methods, allowing us to cut our carbon footprint while producing world-class cannabis.

Nature Grows Best

The old days of not knowing if your cannabis was grown using harsh chemicals and aggressive pesticides is gone. All Burnwell cannabis is grown using natural methods and standards in line with Washington’s cannabis transparency laws.

Stepping Lightly

Conserving our planet’s resources is important. Burnwell strives to make the smallest environmental footprint possible, recycling and reusing everything we can, including nearly 100% of our soil and water.


The spirit behind all we do, Soul is our commitment to the people, the planet, and the plant.

Unsafe and Unsound

With legalization, we saw how others were producing their cannabis—focused on speed and profit over stewardship—and the potential for harm to the environment, the industry, and consumers.

Leading the Charge 

Unsatisfied to merely call out unsatisfactory practices, Burnwell was formed to demonstrate to producers, processors, and consumers how the highest standards in all practices lead to optimal results.

A Better Way

Now our focus on sustainability can be seen in every step of the Burnwell process, from our growing methods to the final packaging that holds our products, setting a standard we’d be pleased to see others adopt.